Asian techniques for enlarging the penis


According to the philosophy of Taoism sexual life must give meaning to the expression “hand in hand”, so that true harmony in intimate relationships could be achieved. When the penis of the male penetrates into a wider and deep female vagina, it will feel uncomfortable and this fact could lead to a lack of satisfaction for both of the partners. In this case, some special caution is recommended, which to be aimed at enlarging the male sexual organ.

A combination of breathing techniques and exercises
Grab your penis with your right hand, and use the first three fingers on your left to press and pull it forward. Other exercises include grabbing the base of the penis while it’s erected and rotate it clockwise and vice versa. If you perform these exercises strictly and regularly for 1-2 months, you can increase the length of your penis by about 2 cm.

Dr. Stephen Cheng claims that this method could affect both the size and the shape of the penis. He thinks that the right-shaped penis can have an incredible impact on the female partner and lead to her full satisfaction.

The perfect shape of the penis is the so-called “mushroom”. The head of the penis is larger than the rest of it, and thus greater stimulation is achieved by the perfectly effective massaging of the vagina and the cervix.

The penis which, on the other hand, delivers the least pleasure is the so-called “pencil” type. Its structure includes a small triangular head that is narrower than the base. This shape of the penis makes it difficult to effectively reach the woman’s inside. But do not despair if you happened to have a penis with this form because you can always change it.

According to Dr. Cheng, in order to achieve a gradual change of form, three exercises should be applied:

1. “Milking” on the penis. By taking a tight grip of the penis, the blood flow to its head increases. That’s why the head must be entirely full of blood during the exercise. Gradually it will begin to expand and at the end of the exercise cycle you will achieve the desired “mushroom” form.
2. Grab the trunk of the penis tightly until it hardens like a stone. Then release the grip. This exercise leads to a more stable and reliable erection.
3. After completing the first two exercises, which should take a few minutes, sit in a chair, place your legs stable on the floor and open your knees wide. Grab your penis at the base and start applying light strokes first on one and then on the other side of the head. You should not do it too lightly, but also not so badly as to cause yourself discomfort or pain. This exercise gradually leads to hardening of the penis and the growth of its head. It will improve the shape, but will also cause a slight decrease in sensitivity. This allows a man to have sex for a much longer time because it delays the ejaculation, which itself leads to a more powerful orgasm eruption.