How to make her experience a super orgasm


What does super orgasm actually mean and why can some girls can orgasm more than 10 times during a sexual intercourse?

A new study reveals that there are females capable of experiencing a super orgasm. But what this actually is and how do women reach it?

Typically, only 5% of the ladies are capable of this. This happens due to a special center located in the brain that has a strong connection with the production of sexual hormones. Experts believe it can be provoked by a specific training which includes relaxation, yoga or a combination of both. Studies show that those who are able to experience orgasm more than once, have a more powerful blood flow to their sexual organs. A recent study reveals that women are capable of experiencing super orgasm thanks to three key factors.

The women who reach a single sexual culmination typically have low alpha waves which limits their sexual pleasure. Most often women experience a super orgasms during masturbation. This is explained by the fact that they are then as focused in what they do and as calm as possible. According to the researchers, an important condition for experiencing several successive orgasms lies in the ability of the brain to exclude external negative factors preventing the woman from relaxing during the experience. They manage to ignore everything that surrounds them, and it allows them to sink into a world of pleasure that is incomprehensible to most people.

Studies show that men with a larger penis are also able to deliver a super orgasm to their partners. Of course, this is not only up to the size but also the ability of the representatives of the strong sex to know the female psyche and to be able to fully merge with the waves and subconscious signals sent by their partner. This higher understanding is an underestimated matter by many couples and is the main reason for the poor and unsatisfactory intercourse.

It is known that practicing tantric sex also contributes to experiencing a super orgasm by women. Through this practice the couples literally merge into one whole and think of nothing but the delightful enjoyment of sex. Unfortunately, many couples do not consider the fact that with little practice they can rediscover themselves and their partners – with only a little time spent on meditation and changing their emotional attitude. In this case, it’s not even up to the love game. Everything expands to a higher level that helps both of the partners cross the psychological barrier that serves as the base of a super orgasm.

Specialists in the field advise couples who want to improve their sex life, to spend more time talking, communicating and meditating. For some of us, this is almost impossible because of the busy everyday life, but once we have overcome our barriers, we will be able without much effort to enter into a previously unknown state that will guarantee us new sensations in sex and the transition to a higher level.