On sex with older women and other fantasies men have


What does a man want in bed? The five sexual fantasies he will never admit.

From sex with an older woman to intimacy with her best friend. That’s a small part of the fantasies of every man that he would never share with his girl.

Personal sexual fantasies are something completely normal, and sometimes they can be really strange. That’s one of the reasons why everyone keeps them secret and would not share them with their partner. Many psychologists believe that everyone should have something in their minds that has to remain unspoken. For the preservation of mental health, it is sometimes helpful, but is it the same when it comes to sex? For the preservation and maintenance of a truly stable relationship it’s usually recommended to be open and eager to share. If you want to be really understood by your partner, it is sometimes necessary to be open enough to keep them from wondering what your sexual fantasies are and what you are longing for in bed.

But are men willing to really share everything? Sometimes their thoughts can really be shocking. Recent studies reveal the five deep secrets that men could hardly share with their partners.

1. Having fun with older women

There is almost no man who does not get excited by porn genres like MILF and GILF. The truth is that they sometimes want to be patronized by an older woman. They are excited by the experience older women have and are eager leave themselves in the hands of a more experienced female. This fact would usually repulse their partner and probably make them consider their partners to be sexually perverted, but we assure you that men have a completely different view of the subject.

2. Superheroes

There is hardly a man who, at least once in his life, did not want or imagine himself as a superhero from a comic book or a movie. Over time, these fantasies could also be projected on their sexual life. The very feeling that he will take you in the role of Batman or X-Men makes him really go mad. The superpower of these fictional characters makes men feel powerful in bed. The reason they usually do not share this strange secret with their partners is that they may consider it too infantile and futile.

3. Sex with your best friend

Be sure that he often thinks about her and usually his fantasies are sexual. If you’re in a serious relationship, it is almost certain that this fact will shock every woman, and that is perfectly understandable. No one would want to share the man of her life with her best friend. But in his fantasy it’s a normal thing, and it’s not even considered cheating. No wonder if he fantasizes even about a threesome. Those desires are usually provoked by curiosity and nothing more.