Is it true that taller men are more gifted?


Put aside all concerns if your penis is big enough. Recent studies have shown that the size of the penis is proportional to the rest of the male body. It is known that women are traditionally attracted to men with bigger penises. Moreover, the ladies tend to prefer dating with taller men, thinking that they have a bigger-sized penis. The study shows that ladies are attracted by a penis size above the average, suggesting that the man beside them should be higher.

During traditional sexual intercourse, women get to orgasm by sufficient stimulation of the G-spot and vaginal area. This makes them particularly demanding when it comes to the size of the male sexual organ because it is essential in this type of contact. Men are also worried when they engage in a relationship with a new partner, and they think about whether they will provide full sexual pleasure.

The study is based on a variety of questions that have been asked and have been directly related to the choice of partner. In other studies, participants were asked to judge the attractiveness of men based only on the primary sex markings without seeing a real image. Interesting is the fact that they had to assume the proportionality and height of the body only by observing their sexual organ.

In order for the studies to be as accurate as possible, 105 women had to define the real proportions of the body, and most importantly the height of the body and the shoulder width, only by looking at the size of the penis. Each participant had to determine how attractive the visualized figure was, according to their personal taste. The results show that 79% prefer men with a height of about 180 cm, with relatively broad shoulders. In fact, men with this type of shoulders were found to be particularly attractive to most of the women.

Although it is less common, some women prefer a penis size of about 13 cm while not erected. Happily for most of the men, this percentage is extremely small.

In a controlled study, it was found that the the size of the sexual organ is determined by the ratio from the shoulder to the thigh which automatically conferred an advantage to the higher individuals. This is, of course, average data and should not be accepted as a standard. Unfortunately, ladies tend to judge too fast about their future chosen ones, based on their height. The study also shows that higher ladies are more likely to establish relationships with higher gentlemen. This is also the case with shorter individuals, although this is not an actual tendency.

However, other studies argue with these claims by referring to the fact that middle-height men are incredibly gifted. Representatives of the human species, compared to all other primates, have the largest penis in terms of the proportion of the size of the body and the sexual organ. For example, a gorilla weighing nearly 180 kg. has a penis of only about 5 cm, while a man with an average weight of 80 kg. may have a size of 13 cm. up to 17 cm.

Biologists and researchers in the field of evolution mention the fact that the larger sexual organ is able to introduce sperm relatively deeper during ejaculation. Now this fact is forgotten, but it answers the question why, before people invented clothes, women had subconsciously chosen men with larger attributes. Some people say that the preservation of our species is a result of the transmission of these genes.