The advantages of Anal Sex


Are there any advantages of Anal Sex?

1. Тhe anal sex is quite similar to the vitamins intake or the nationalistic parties membership – it’s not equally good for everyone.
There are women who prefer anal sex because due to certain traumas they do not enjoy vaginal.
There are also those of them who are more mentally freed and actually feel extatic from the act of anal love.

2. Anal love is more beneficial than vaginal when it comes to improving the bloodstream.
Stronger spasms stir the blood in all areas of the pelvis, which itself is more or less problematic area for every person.
When many of the body organs receive insufficient amounts of blood that could cause numerous problems.

The advantages of Anal Sex

3. During anal love, no oxytocin is released, and oxytocin is the hormone that makes us feel affectionate to the partner.
I’m sure if there was no vaginal sex, half of the permanent couples would have split up.

4. The psychology of the man is such that he wants the woman to belong to him entirely.
When a couple mutually fulfill their wishes, this enhances their affection.
In our reality we consider that a couple which makes satisfying vaginal and anal love and which has no holdbacks when it comes to sex, is virtually indestructible.

5. Anal sex could possibly hold some dangers for men because numerous bacteria exist in the colon.
The dangers for women are reduced to almost zero – there is no evidence that anal sex could lead to any diseases of the rectum. Of course, those rules apply to healthy people.