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Satisfaction TV

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Satisfaction is a TV 18+ channel online. In order to watch it you must confirm you are the right age. The models indulge in games which break the ice, such as smearing white foam on the girls breasts by the guys or taking shower or a pajamas party together. They get closer to each other, the guys suck on the girls’s nipples, and everybody comments on the games, and sooner or later they start rolling in couples in the grass touching their bodies. They know what is going to happen to them, but they like to explore their nature – the facts that they are hilarious, and clever, and sexy, and fun, and open-minded and before the great intercourse they connect in a very personal way. Being together is in no way disrespectful and the sexy reality show guided by sex therapists makes the viewers connect to the actors and actresses, who are actually so cool.
Then they proceed to “lovemaking” – a bunch of half-naked sexy people gathered in the bar. It’s the worst time for your channel to experience technical difficulties, because you are aroused and inquisitive, and you really want to see all the fun – all these blonde sexy girls and black guys having a sex class together. They are guided into massaging their erogenous zones. Women massage men, warm their hands and rub their backs, everyone gets sensually aroused. Most women climax while the men massage them. Men employ feathers to touch the women’s bodies, seeing the face of the woman while they do this, is something they will never forget.
Satisfaction has a lot of good surprises for its viewers. They meet their fantasies and expectations, they became very aware of what they want and they apply what they learn in their relationship.